About us

Every day a large number of people across the country selected Art Sofa products to equip their homes.

So many people recognize their own style in our style. Their satisfaction is our greatest success.

Aleksic Marjan · The owner of Art Sofa

Inspired by their place in the market, known for its craftsmen’s origin, we have become synonymous with quality, precision and style, and with the help of the expertise that we have developed, we have become a serious producer of upholstered furniture in the country.

This original combination is what gives character Sofa Art Company, one of the leaders in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. The heart and brain factory located in the town of Vranje in southern Serbia with customers and dealerships across the country.

The fact that a large number of people every day, finding the ideal way to furnish your living room with sofas Art – for us, success is built through hard work, creativity and innovation.


1. Style

About us – have the style is not only the ability of implementation of an innovative design project. It also means the ability to create a world of ideas and combinations. Offer endless possibilities for the design of space that best suits you. With style.

2. Leadership

Our products speak a universal language, the language of absolute quality. In this way, we have become a serious producer of upholstered furniture. We understand the needs of the people, wherever they are in the world you are.


Accessibility is the result of an efficient manufacturing process that optimizes the use of resources to achieve the best results at a balanced price. So we’re going to meet the challenge of developing high quality, cosmetic products at affordable prices. For everyone.

4. Quality

The whole production process, from design and development charge, to cutting and sewing materials, performed at the factory Sofa Art to guarantee high quality and attention to detail that characterize our style.